Active Senior Living…What’s Not to Like?

movingHelping your parents to make the move to a senior living community is a tough decision, but it gets exciting when you think about the benefits of such a change.

There may be second-guessing once your parents make the decision to move and if you and your siblings grew up in the house your parents are selling, it’s bound to be filled with intense memories. These emotions might come as a surprise, but keep in mind you aren’t alone. Check out this Architectural Digest story about a woman coming to terms with letting go of her childhood home.

Saying “goodbye” to the stress of home maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of moving your parents to an active senior living community. The peace of mind that comes with knowing Mom and Dad are happy, healthy and thriving in their new home is the best feeling. Check out what Eastcastle Place has to offer: maintenance-free living, an active lifestyle and a great location on Milwaukee’s bustling East Side.

The days of struggling with yard work and shoveling snow are over. No need to stress over minor (or major) home repair. No grocery shopping, cooking (unless of course, they want to) and best of all…no dishwashing. Leave it all to our in-house chef.

We often hear “you’ve thought of everything when it comes to amenities and conveniences.”. Want a massage? Just call the in-house salon and book an appointment for a massage, manicure, pedicure or haircut. Of course, there’s a fitness center, an aquatics center; there’s even a creative arts studio where residents can channel their inner Marc Chagall or Jackson Pollock. Love to read? Walk into Eastcastle’s onsite library and pick out a great book.

Best of all, Eastcastle Place has a culture that’s warm and welcoming; we’re a vibrant community full of character. One of the most important aspects of life in an active retirement community is the social life. Interacting with friends and neighbors keeps life interesting and fun. Eastcastle friends often get together for outings, to visit a museum, see a movie or go for a neighborhood stroll.

Speaking of the neighborhood, take advantage of our awesome location on Milwaukee’s East Side, one of the city’s most vibrant and historic neighborhoods. Great restaurants, museums, the gorgeous lakefront, are all close enough to visit and enjoy on a regular basis.

Discover how amazing life can be at Eastcastle Place. From conveniences and comforts that make everyday life pleasant and enjoyable to celebrations and special events that make it fun and exciting, Eastcastle Place is the perfect choice!