Hey Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Senior woman in snow

Ahhh…Wisconsin winters! Once the holidays are over, there aren’t too many great things to say about cold weather, snow and ice and being stuck inside. While we know warmer days will get here eventually, we also know cold weather can continue well into spring. But when it feels like there’s no end in sight, all we can do is take winter one day at a time, adopt healthy and smart habits and power through the frozen days of winter.

Here in Milwaukee we might get an occasional winter day when temperatures get above 40 degrees. Check out the latest weather forecast and plan to be as prepared as possible when driving and walking outside.

Preparing a winter survival car kit is easy with the help of this guide from Ready Wisconsin. From non-perishable healthy snacks like energy bars, nuts and dried fruit, to blankets and a cell phone charger, and from jumper cables to keeping the gas tank at least half full, these tips will teach you how to put together a kit that you will hopefully never need.

When the wind kicks up and the temperatures drop, it’s tempting to want to curl up with a cup of tea and hibernate. But staying home all winter isn’t fun or feasible. At some point, we all have to go out. So, what’s the best way to dress on a brutally cold day? One word: layers. Layering works well because it traps body heat and wicks away moisture. The base layer next to the skin is important, it needs to be comfortable and can’t be itchy (sorry but we’re looking at you, wool). Cotton might be tempting but don’t go there, because cotton absorbs moisture, it will stay damp and make you chilly. With a base layer, the goal is to wick moisture away. A silk or polyester-blend like Nike’s Dri Fit is the best base layer. Check out Midwest Weekend’s guide to cold weather clothing.

Trivia question. Who sang the popular 60’s song, These Boots Are Made for Walking? If you guessed Nancy Sinatra, you’re right! But in a Wisconsin winter, you need boots for walking and two other important W’s: warmth and water resistant. Take a look at Switch Back Travel’s recent article about the best boots for winter.

It’s vital to have a warm outer layer to protect against the elements. You want something to keep you cozy, a coat that’s wind proof, isn’t too bulky and covers everything you want covered. Not too much to ask, right? In a recent story, the Chicago Tribune rounded up the warmest winter coats so that you can pick the top layer that will work best for your lifestyle.

Will everything you could possibly need within the doors of Eastcastle Place retirement community in Milwaukee, residents don’t need to brave the cold outdoors. Great dining services, engaging activities and close friends…everything just steps away…you may just want to wait inside until the first thaw.