Sharing is Caring

ecpl-ipad-guyWith social media, the concept of “sharing is caring” takes on another meaning. Sharing content means that you care enough about it to bring it to someone else’s attention. So what makes people take that extra step? According to articles in Entrepreneur and the New York Times, online users are more likely to share content that:

1. Is positive

University of Pennsylvania researchers Jonah Berger and Katherine A. Milkman found people preferred emailing articles that had positive themes, rather than negative.

2. Evokes emotion

These researchers found New York Times readers most frequently shared articles that inspired awe. But, emotions such as excitement, anxiety, sadness and anger also get people forwarding, retweeting, and sharing.

3. Provides social currency

According to Berger’s research, people want to share content that will reflect positively on them and make them look good (makes sense!).  Sharing an article about a recent scientific discovery provides a reader with a greater amount of social currency because it makes him/her appear well-informed and intellectual.

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