Spring Cleaning: No Need to Fear

cleaningSpring. Cleaning. These two words can invoke stress and fear in the hearts of many. While the concept of a clean house for Easter and Passover is something we all want, it can be a huge chore. Whether your space is a sprawling house in the suburbs or a cozy condo, cleaning out the winter dust, grime and cobwebs doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We recently covered the concept of Decluttering, if you still haven’t sorted piles of papers, purged clothes you don’t wear and in general, pared down your stuff, you should. But assuming you’ve done the decluttering, it’s time to focus on cleaning.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take all day if you approach it correctly. This article from Woman’s Day offers tips on how to Clean your house more quickly and efficiently. The biggest mistake people make is zone cleaning vs. task cleaning. According to the experts, zone cleaning takes longer. For example, cleaning your kitchen then moving on to your living room is a mistake. Instead of focusing on one zone, you should focus on one task, like dusting. Dust every room, working top to bottom (this prevents dust from falling onto already cleaned surfaces) and right to left (so you don’t forget where you left off). After dusting, move on to the task of vacuuming, then mopping.

You know the process, now what about the products? This segment on WTMJ-TV Milwaukee’s The Morning Blend shares the best products for any cleaning job. Lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello tells us all her favorite products including this all-purpose, vinegar based, non-toxic spray Four Monks vinegar cleaner.

Want a clean home but don’t want to spend the time doing it yourself? Two words: cleaning service. Finding a reputable, reliable house cleaning service is easy. Just answer a few simple questions (address, frequency of service, type of service, etc) and Home Advisor will provide a list of potential maid services. A clean house is just a few clicks and a phone call away.

Having a sparkling clean home is a great feeling and so is living in a sparkling clean city! Check out this neighborhood cleaning program sponsored by the City of Milwaukee Project Clean and Green. It not only keeps our city streets and alleys clean, they also offer curbside pick-up of some of your unwanted stuff.

House cleaning can be effectively checked off your list if you’re a resident of Eastcastle Place retirement community in Milwaukee. Among our long list of services and amenities, are our housekeeping and flat linen services. So, feel free to spend the time you might formerly have spent cleaning, with friends, pursuing hobbies, interests, and one of countless activities.