Weekend Getaways

Weekend GetawaysSummer might seem to be coming to an end but there’s plenty of nice weather ahead. A late summer/early fall weekend getaway is good for the body and soul and Wisconsin has some awesome places to visit that aren’t too far from home. From outdoor fun, to gorgeous scenery, to great food, a weekend away is the perfect way to relax, recharge and reinvigorate!

Life can be so crazy and stressful. It’s always a good idea to try to clear your mind and energize your spirit. Mindfulness, yoga and exercise all help achieve these goals but there’s nothing like packing an overnight bag and taking a road trip to really help you unwind.

Check out this Shape Magazine story on the benefits of a weekend getaway. You don’t even have to leave our state to take in the beauty of nature. Lake Geneva, Madison and Door County are three of the 16 ideas from Midwest Living magazine’s list of the best Wisconsin getaways. These spots are all an easy drive from Milwaukee and they offer a ton of interesting things to do and fun stuff to see!

Less than an hour away from downtown Milwaukee sits Lake Geneva, a pretty little town loved by Chicagoans and Wisconsonites alike. Back in the day, wealthy Chicago families built their big mansions along the 23-mile shoreline path. City law requires that the path be left accessible so while you can’t sit on the Wrigley family’s porch, you can walk right through the edge of their backyard. It would take a long time to hike all 23 miles as detailed in this story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel but pick a small section, lace up your walking shoes and get out there. Winter is also beautiful in Lake Geneva, check out this story and plan your fall or winter getaway to Lake Geneva in M Magazine.

If you haven’t visited our state capital in a long time, you should put it on your list. In addition to all things Badger football, Madison has become quite the foodie destination. If food is your thing, check out Capital City Food Tours and let the tasting begin! For more ideas on exploring the capital, take a look at Milwaukee Magazine’s story on Madison.

Less than three hours north of Milwaukee sits another popular getaway spot known for beautiful scenery, awesome art galleries, charming little towns and of course, great food. As this article in MKE Lifestyle magazine describes, there’s something for everyone in Door County. Try a Segway tour, take a stroll through Fish Creek or Sister Bay, eat great food and take a ferry to explore Washington Island’s hiking trails and lighthouse. Don’t miss the beauty and fun of a day in Peninsula State Park where a great beach, hiking and biking trails and even outdoor theater are all yours for the taking. More than a dozen Eastcastle Place residents recently went on a three-day excursion to Door County and are eagerly anticipating a return trip.