Eastcastle Place: Artist in Residence


Through the Student Artist in Residence program at Eastcastle Place, Ian McGibbon has brought a surge of creativity to the full continuum of care senior living community by having the opportunity to live at Eastcastle himself. As a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student, majoring in Art Education, McGibbon is able to bond with residents while connecting over art, sometimes his very own. The Student Artist in Residence program (SAIR) was established to benefit the lives of both the community residents as well as the student artist, through community engagement and hands-on learning. The program consists of workshops, gallery explorations and discussions, all planned and led by Ian.

A special event hosted by Ian, “Living Room Gallery,” took place at his Eastcastle apartment and showcased UWM student artwork, as well as pieces by Eastcastle residents. Students, residents and friends all attended, making the gallery a fun and engaging night for all.

Discussions are always welcomed and encouraged in the SAIR program. After visiting the Black Cat Alley Mural Exhibit, Ian led a lively discussion at a local coffeehouse where ideas, thoughts and stories were exchanged with residents. With a painting of his own at the exhibit, Ian enjoyed the time after with his students to hear their points of view.

Eastcastle Place is known for its diverse activities, encouraging an active lifestyle, often times with residents venturing out into the vibrant Milwaukee community. Enrichment programs like the Student Artist in Residence are what makes the community so unique. With his students now his friends, Ian McGibbon is making more than just art here at Eastcastle Place.