Eastcastle Place Liaison, Helping to Lead the Journey


“I’m passionate about helping others on their journey,” said Amy Steffen, clinical liaison for the health and rehabilitation center at Eastcastle Place retirement community in Milwaukee. “In sub-acute rehab, circumstances are never planned. I’m so grateful to be a trusted resource in helping to guide the way.”

In her new role, Amy works with the case management and social worker teams at local hospitals to process referrals for patients who are clinically appropriate for Eastcastle Place’s health and rehabilitation center.

Eastcastle Place is a retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation and skilled care. “I am so blessed to be part of this team,” Amy said.

This team is a bit different than the team she joined right out of college when she worked with the Milwaukee Police Department. “I was interested in policing; originally my goal was to work with the criminal investigation bureau but I wondered if this was really something I wanted to do until retirement. The answer was, ‘not really.’ I decided I needed to move on. I wanted to pursue my career in sales in the healthcare field,” she said.

Amy worked for a technology company selling equipment and services to hospital systems for seven years. She then transitioned to senior living, a population that she discovered she really liked.

Amy said that her passion for helping seniors and their families stems from the difficulty that both of her own parents endured as life’s challenges were increasingly presented to them. “I’ve developed empathy for people who are frail and at a challenging part of their life journey. I like being able to help ensure they’re making the best decisions. I can be an advocate for them. My heart goes out to these folks. I like being able to paint a picture of what the next step looks like for them,” she said.

Amy said she is proud to help people connect with Eastcastle Place’s health care center which boasts the prestigious five-star rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). “Eastcastle Place is special because of its ambience and the culture. It’s two-fold. Everyone is compassionate about residents. You feel that. You know that people are just being really kind helping each other. They’re always looking to know what else they can do. Everyone is hospitable. You want to work with people who are truly invested and not just doing a job. For people helping these folks, it’s their way of life,” she said.

In addition to being kind and hospitable, Amy added, “our team of professionals is deeply committed to working with patients to develop customized plans that encourage recovery and rehabilitation. We are passionate about helping our patients regain the greatest amount of independence possible.”

Amy also likes the fact that the health and rehabilitation center at Eastcastle Place is smaller than other rehabilitation providers. “The care is more person-centered care. Everyone who comes in gets a lot of attention. We have 40 beds in the health center and each and every person truly gets individual care.”

“Our rehabilitation guests consistently tell us that we do an exceptional job. Our team is outstanding. That’s the core of what we do. We have an outstanding group of specialists,” said Amy.