Happy Receiving the Best of Care

Under less than ideal circumstances, Patricia Spannraft received extraordinary care…twice! Two years ago, the then 73-year old, suffered a stroke, which left her unable to communicate. After intensive rehabilitation at the Health Center at Eastcastle Place however, the long-time Milwaukee resident said she recovered completely. Consequently, when Spannraft recently found herself needing rehabilitation again, there was no doubt that she’d return enthusiastically to Eastcastle Place.

Spannraft said that after her stroke in 2015, she had severe aphasia. “I couldn’t remember anything, couldn’t name anything or anybody. I really wasn’t able to communicate,” she said. Her children had her admitted to an area rehabilitation center after her hospital stay, but quickly moved her out. “Therapy was critical at that stage in my recovery, and it just wasn’t any good there,” Spannraft recalled. “My daughter said, ‘you can’t stay there!’ She called some friends who highly recommended Eastcastle Place, so she quickly moved me to the Health Center there.”

The difference was dramatic. Spannraft said that the team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists at Eastcastle Place were extremely dedicated. “I attribute my recovery to the fact that they made me work very hard, and then when they left for the day, would give me more things to practice for the next day. They’d tell me that if I wanted to recover, I’d need to keep working hard,” she recalled.

The professionals at Eastcastle Place, Spannraft said, are “very caring and kind. They work really hard, and are really encouraging.”. When she completed her therapy, she said, “I felt that I’d recovered completely. I hadn’t even known that a complete recovery was a possibility. Everyone was so pleased!” Spannraft was able to move back into own home.

Several weeks ago, Spannraft was again hospitalized for an illness. “I had all sorts of tests but no one can give me a definite cause,” she said. “After I was discharged from the hospital, I was told I needed to go for rehabilitation to get my strength back. Right away, I knew that Eastcastle Place was my best bet for the most complete recovery. There was no question whatsoever in my mind, because of the experience I had before.”

Spannraft said that again, she is receiving outstanding care, “Everything I can possibly say about Eastcastle Place is positive. The care, the people, the therapists, everyone is wonderful. I am so happy with the way that they ‘ve treated me and the care they give me, both times I’ve been here.”

Eastcastle Place is a Life Plan Community located on Milwaukee’s vibrant East Side. Eastcastle Place offers independent living, promoting an active and engaging lifestyle for seniors. The Health Center at Eastcastle Place offers assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation and skilled nursing services, thus providing complete continuing care for seniors. Eastcastle Place is managed by Life Care Services®. For additional information call 414-219-1398 or visit www.EastcastlePlace.com.