Nancy O’Donnell Welcomed as Eastcastle Place Chairman of the Board

Eastcastle Place is proud to announce that Nancy O’Donnell, who previously served on our board of directors during 2016, has been appointed Chairman of the Board.

During her two-year term, which began in January, Nancy will work closely with the 12-member board to define the strategic vision for the community; recommend and create programs that continue to enhance the lives of residents; and foster a strong sense of unity among residents, staff and the board.

“I am thrilled to serve as the Chairman of the Eastcastle Place board of directors, and in the past few months, have immersed myself in the community to learn what residents want and how we can be innovative in our programs and offerings,” she said.

She continued, “I have many goals for Eastcastle Place, the primary one being fostering a true sense of cooperation so that we can have a cutting-edge community. There are so many people who have great ideas and we want to make resident quality of life the best it can be.”

The board of directors meets every other month, and the various committees including finance, healthcare, funds and development, are all responsible for forming program ideas and working to implement them. Residents are also involved on some of the committees, because, as Nancy said, “It’s their house and home and they should have a say in what we offer.”

Nancy said that in addition to defining resident health and wellness programs, part of the board’s focus for the upcoming years will be major facility renovations to further beautify Eastcastle Place.

Nancy has a broad background that includes nursing home administration, teaching at Concordia University Wisconsin, and working as a stockbroker with her Series 7 license. She lives in Cedarburg with her husband and is an avid runner, traveler and self proclaimed bibliomaniac.Nancy