The Perfect Size

downsizing“I’m still marveling at my good fortune at being able to live here,” said Susan Czynszak a new resident of Eastcastle Place retirement community on Milwaukee’s East side. The lifelong resident of Whitefish Bay who moved to Eastcastle Place this fall, said that It was especially “nice to get settled in before the winter. Everything I want is right here so I only need to go out if I want to.”

Czynszak had been looking forward to moving to the retirement community for several months. “I liked the idea of moving someplace where everything is taken care of and I can feel secure, while being able to do my own thing, be independent and have my own space. But where if something needs fixing, there’s someone around to do that,” she said. “I looked at a couple of retirement communities but Eastcastle Place just feels like home…like a nice neighborhood.”

Czynszak spent a short time on Eastcastle Place’s waiting list because a specific unit she liked was not available. “One opened up in July, and I was able to move two months later. It’s just as well that it was quick because I was anxious,” she said. The anxiety was due to her tremendous dread of downsizing. Even though her two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment at Eastcastle Place is spacious, she was consolidating a lifetime’s accumulation of items and the anticipation of having to do that was overwhelming.

“I couldn’t imagine getting out of the house that I’d been living in since I was 11 years old,” she said. Not only was she dealing with her own items, but also those of her deceased parents with whom she had lived most of those years. “There was so much to get rid of,” she said.

Czynszak was referred to A Gift of Time, a local senior move management service. Over the next several weeks, she worked directly with the owner Seth who she said “Performed magic. He knew what to do and how to do it to get me able to move. He came to Eastcastle Place and measured every last thing in my new apartment so that when we started going through things in my house, he knew what I’d be able to take and what I’d need to get rid of. He then made arrangements for household items to be donated to Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill and made sure I got the receipts.”

The best part, Czynszak said, was that Seth packed all her boxes at the house, and then unpacked them at her apartment, arranging everything as similarly to how it had been as possible. “I walked in and it was ready to live in. He performed marvels. He was a tremendous help.”

Czynszak said that she’s taking her time arranging and decorating her apartment but in the meantime, she’s happy with it. She’s also thrilled with the freedom with which her new carefree lifestyle affords her. “I take exercise classes and go to art classes and lectures. I’m involved with a lot of things at Eastcastle Place, and still involved with outside activities as well. Scheduling gets a little bit tricky because I’m so busy,” she said.

Most importantly, Czynszak has found that the people at Eastcastle Place are “nice and welcoming…the residents and the staff. Everyone is kind and accepting and delightful. Everyone is so accommodating. If you ask for anything, they go out of their way to try to accommodate. They really try to please me. Eastcastle Place has really been such a good move for me!”

“We are pleased to help people connect with professionals such as A Gift of Time who can help make their move easier,” said Bill Eason, director of sales and marketing. ”We don’t want someone’s dread of downsizing to delay their decision to move. It’s a little bit of unpleasantness which is soon forgotten after the move is made and they’re so happy with their new lifestyle here.”

Eastcastle Place is a Life Plan Community located on Milwaukee’s vibrant East Side. Eastcastle Place offers independent living, promoting an active and engaging lifestyle for seniors. The Health Center at Eastcastle Place offers assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation and skilled nursing services, thus providing complete continuing care for seniors. Eastcastle Place is managed by Life Care Services®. For additional information call 414-219-1398 or visit